balmoral tea blend

The Balmoral Tea Blend

A delicious black tea blend of Assam, Ceylon and China black teas from 6 tea estates that Jenier were asked to create in 2019 by the Balmoral Estate, Ballater.  Learn more about how the Balmoral Blend and more recently the Platinum Jubilee Blend was made at the link below.

How was the Balmoral Tea Blend made?

How was the Balmoral Tea Blend made?

Jenier were approached by the team at the Balmoral Estate in June 2019 to ask if we would be able to create a new black tea blend that reflected Scotland's influence on the commercialisation of tea. Scotland's history with tea has been a passion of Jenier's for a long time and so involving tea growing regions associated with such Scottish tea pioneers as Robert Bruce, James Taylor and Robert Fortune was inspirational. Of course we were delighted to be given such an opportunity and began establishing a 'base' tea profile from which we could build the new blend. 

The final version of The Balmoral Blend was finally concluded late 2019 and is now sold and served throughout the Visitor enterprises at Balmoral Estate. 

We're delighted that the Balmoral Estate has given Jenier permission to sell this very special blend to our customers and is available as both loose leaf tea or in 100% Biodegradable, Plastic Free, Compostable Pyramid Tea Bags.

The Platinum Jubilee Blend

2022, Jenier created a Jubilee Blend for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee. The Jubilee Blend is also served to visitors and sold throughout Visitor enterprises at Balmoral Estate. In development of the blend, we wanted to keep strong ties to Scottish tea history as we had done with The Balmoral Blend, so used teas from China, Sri Lanka and Assam (India) blended with flavoursome leaves from the Nandi Highlands in Kenya. To add a little twist, we've subtly flavoured using 100 % natural bergamot oil to give a hint of Earl Grey which is stronger in aroma than when infused. We also wanted to make a visually beautiful tea worthy of such a celebration so have added blue, red and white cornflowers which give a splendid burst of colour throughout the blend.

The Platinum Jubilee blend is also available in 100% Biodegradable & Compostable Pyramid Tea Bags

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