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Jenier has over 400 of the best loose tea options and plastic free tea bags, carefully and ethically sourced from around the world, for you to buy online and enjoy at home or wherever you are! Every Jenier loose-leaf tea has an option for you to buy a tea sample. We want you to enjoy loose tea and encourage you to buy samples first, wherever possible. When you buy up to 10 tea samples, we will ship them at no cost anywhere in the UK by Royal Mail Large Letter. Each loose leaf tea sample holds enough tea for around 6 - 8 cups, giving you a reasonable amount of tea to try before buying larger pack sizes.
We also have a range of around 55 loose teas we place into plastic free tea bags. We use the same high-quality teas and offer pyramid tea bag samples too. There are four pyramid tea bags in each sample pack.

Buy Loose Tea, Plastic Free Tea Bags & Tea Accessories Online.

You will see from the main navigation menu that we have separated our range of teas into Loose Leaf Tea and Biodegradable Tea Bags. We have further divided our range of teas from these header menus into individual tea categories, such as Loose Leaf Tea by Type. You can browse each tea category from this menu, such as Black Tea, Breakfast Teas, etc. All teas display their loose leaves, but where tea is for sale in plastic free tea bags, a triangle tea bag symbol shows in the top left area of the tea image.
When selecting loose tea from a tea category page, you will go to that tea's specific product page. From the tea product page, you will initially see a tea chart providing a brief flavour profile, tea ingredients, the growing region, and recommended tea brewing times. Each category's tea charts are colour coded differently to help you recognise the loose tea category. Below the tea chart, you'll find the pack size options available for the tea, and the price will change according to your selection. At the bottom of the tea product page, you will find more information about that specific tea in the Tea Description tab and further product details in the Product Profile tab.
Once you are happy with your selection, add your chosen tea to your cart and either continue shopping online or proceed to the checkout. Before you complete your purchase, always check your Jenier Teas Reward Points, as you may have points or rewards you can redeem for cash discounts on your order.

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Tea preference for many is very subjective, and your tastes are yours! We understand that paying to ship tea samples could make this an expensive way to try new loose teas. So we will send up to 10 samples per order FREE to anywhere in the UK using the Royal Mail Large Letter service so you can discover new teas and find the ones you enjoy.