Buy Some Of The Best Tea Available Online In The UK From Jenier Teas!

Jenier has over 400 of the best loose leaf teas and tea bags, carefully and ethically sourced from around the world, for you to buy online and enjoy at home or wherever you are! You'll find every Jenier tea has an option for you to be able to buy a tea sample. We want you to enjoy great tea and encourage you to buy samples first, wherever possible. When you buy up to 10 tea samples, we will ship them at no cost anywhere in the UK by Royal Mail Large Letter. Each loose leaf tea sample holds enough tea for around 6 - 8 cups, giving you a reasonable amount of tea to try before buying larger pack sizes.
We also have a range of around 55-leaf teas we place into tea bags. We use the same high-quality teas and offer pyramid tea bag samples too. There are four pyramid tea bags in each sample pack.

How to buy teas and tea accessories online.

You will see from the main navigation menu that we have separated our range of teas into Loose Leaf Tea and Biodegradable Tea Bags. We have further divided our range of teas from these header menus into individual tea categories, such as Loose Leaf Tea by Type. You can browse each tea category from this menu, such as Black Tea, Breakfast Teas, etc. All teas display their loose leaves, but where tea is for sale in tea bags, a triangle tea bag symbol shows in the top left area of the tea image.
When selecting tea from a tea category page, you will go to that tea's specific product page. From the tea product page, you will initially see a tea chart providing a brief flavour profile, tea ingredients, the growing region, and recommended tea brewing times. Each category's tea charts are colour coded differently to help you recognise the tea category. Below the tea chart, you'll find the pack size options available for the tea, and the price will change according to your selection. At the bottom of the tea product page, you will find more information about that specific tea in the Tea Description tab and further product details in the Product Profile tab.
Once you are happy with your selection, add it to your cart and either continue shopping online or proceed to the checkout. Before you complete your purchase, always check your Jenier Teas Reward Points, as you may have points or rewards you can redeem for cash discounts on your order.

Enjoy some of the best teas from around the world!

The variety of teas available worldwide is quite staggering, many more than the 400 or so we currently stock at Jenier Teas. Of course, it doesn't just depend on the quantity but very much on the quality of teas and herbal infusions we can supply. The latter has always been our main focus from day one.
Whilst teas are becoming more well-known, such as White Tea, Green tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Red Tea etc., people often ask, "I'm new to loose leaf tea. What's the best tea I should try?" or "what's the best green tea?". To answer these questions, we often need more context around the tea drinker's experience to date and their taste preferences. And whether they prefer to try loose leaf tea to leaf tea bags. However, there are a few suggestions we can make to help you find the best tea for you to try.

What is the best tea to drink?

This question might seem very bold to answer, but in the context of trying loose leaf tea for the first time, we will endeavour to give some guidance. The first point is that the different tea types, such as Green Tea, Black Tea, do not refer to various tea bushes. The difference between White, Green, Oolong and Black tea is how the leaves are processed. Tea leaves plucked from a tea bush could be made into White Tea or Black Tea. The manual process of manufacturing tea leaves changes their tea type, chemical structure, and appearance. The second point is that once tea leaves are plucked and processed, they are graded depending on their size and quality. Tea merchants will buy different types and grades of tea leaves determined by their ultimate use. For example, most classic black tea bags from supermarket stores contain tea leaves often referred to as CTC grades or Fannings, Fine or Dust. These leaves are from the finest siftings used to create blends for tea bags requiring a quick brew. Of course, there is nothing wrong with supermarket tea bags; you are still drinking tea, but they are designed for speed and do not yield much flavour. The tea will become more astringent or 'stew' quickly.
Another factor to consider is where the tea has been grown and at what altitude. Mass-produced tea is most often grown at low altitudes, so the plucking and manufacturing of tea leaves can be done mechanically. Tea bushes planted at high altitudes grow much more slowly and, as a result, produce tea leaves with much more flavour. When considering the best tea to drink, we suggest trying higher-graded and high-grown teas. Suppose your tea experience has only ever been supermarket black teas. In that case, we recommend starting with one of our Breakfast Tea blends. Each Breakfast blend combines leaves from various tea-growing regions picked at peak season to give the best flavour. As the grade of these leaves is much higher, so is their size. When brewing larger-leaf tea, the leaves need longer to infuse and release their flavour. So to get the best tea experience, you need to leave the leaves in water for longer. How long you let your tea brew is a preference for many, but for black tea, we recommend between 3 - 7 minutes.

Sample Jenier Teas.

Tea preference for many is very subjective, and your tastes are yours! We understand that paying to ship tea samples could make this an expensive way to try new teas. So we will send up to 10 samples per order FREE to anywhere in the UK using the Royal Mail Large Letter service so you can discover new teas and find the ones you enjoy.